Custom restomods

We are open for challenges. If you have in minds some crazy idea, let us know. We can talk together and see if we are able to make it happen. We built at past few cars twisted together. New inside, but old outside. Simple we using new floorboard, keep all safety features, modern steering, even ODB plug :-)


It do not have to be Mustang. After we released few fastbacks based on new Mustangs now we are working on 68 Dodge Charger twist, based on new Challenger Hellcat. Our experience help us made these twists to the finish line


Unique cars restoration

We mostly build cars to order, and this is our primary domain, but we love all kind of classic cars. So if you have rare, unique car in need of restoration please send us an request. Maybe we will be able to help you. 


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Tel.: +48 888 330 440

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